Value my House

Arranging a visit of a professional surveyor to value my house proved very helpful in determining the present market value of my property. For those interested in being able to sell their house, you should be aware that there are things that people look out for when buying homes. There are really good ways in order to help improve the value of a house for selling with very minimal expense.

Even if you don’t have a plan to move out soon, improving your home is still a great thing to do. Adding value to your home ensures that you will get best possible price when it’s time to sell. It is observed that the money you invest in improving your property is returned back at least twice more when you sell your property. To value my house, I used free websites that calculate the value of the property to a reasonable level of accuracy.

To add value to your house and ensure the best offer possible, here are a few tips;

Simple Changes Can be Dramatic. Even the smallest changes will add value to your property. Something as simple as changing the hardware on doors and windows can improve the entire look of the house. A tired kitchen can be made to look modern by simply adding brushed chrome hardware. Changing light fixtures and faucet can improve the look dramatically. In fact, after a few improvements to the property, I was confident to invite a surveyor to value my house.

Painting and Decorating
Decorating and painting is not very expensive these days. Only a small amount can be spent to decorate the entire house but the value it adds to your house is significant. New freshly painted walls give a fresh look to the entire house.

Carpets and Flooring
Again carpets and flooring play important role in keeping a property fresh and appealing. New carpets and flooring or improving the existing ones improves overall look and feel of a house. In fact, new carpets and flooring make an old property look modern and up to date.

Improvements in the Kitchen
A few improvements in the Kitchen, e.g., replacing cabinet doors or workplace shelf will significantly add value to your property. In fact, any improvements in kitchen and bathroom are seen as big improvements and increase overall value of your property.

A Second Bathroom
A second bathroom, even if it is a very basic one, will increase the value of your property. Adding a second bathroom may not be expensive but proves to be a wise investment towards improving the property. You will be getting benefit of the second bathroom while you stay in the property but also when you decide to sell you will get a better price. I used a popular website to value my house and with additional bathroom, value bumped by 10%.

You can actually help the appearance of your house by making the outside look clean and welcoming. A simple redesigning your front porch, repainting rusted rails, and then cleaning the lawn and trimming the grass and shrubs around the fence can really make a good impression. If prospective buyers see that a house is well cared for, and the outside appearance is clean and neat, then the impression that the owners are good people and know how to take care of the house puts an appeal that they don’t have to do so much changes and renovations if they decide to move in. With small improvements to my house, I was also able to sell my house quickly.

It is always advisable to keep on making small improvements in your property. It costs money but it should be considered as long term investment. The financial benefits that you will get will be far more larger than your investment. You will be surprised to know that after giving a fresh touch to the property, I engaged with a surveyor to value my house, and the valuation came out to be 25% higher than the normal prevailing market value.

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